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Truck & Rail Car Unloaders

MODEL TU-802:  An efficient portable truck unloader with large capacity low profile hopper, adjustable gate and rugged drive.

MODEL TU-803: High capacity truck unloader for unloading semi-trucks.  Up to 20,000 bushels per hour of grain. 42" belt width with 25 HP electric power unit.     

MODEL CU- 804: The most economical ABCO car unloader for handling light, free flowing materials such as fertilizer, sand and crushed coal. The CU-804 gives dependable service when used either under or over rails.  Features include a cleated belt, friction type mechanical drive and rugged welded construction. Available in 18" and 24" belt widths and capacities up to 190 *tons per hour.

MODEL CU-805: Hard to handle materials? The ABCO CU-805 is the answer. Up to 200 'ton per hour of four inch crushed rock can be conveyed on a 24" CU-805 with ease. Combination chain with positive drive sprockets pulls cleated belt thru hard to handle materials. Offered in both 18" and 24" belt widths.

MODEL CU-806: For a permanent or semi-permanent under the track unloading system, the ABCO CU-806 is the answer. Features a troughed belt for higher capacities, rugged reinforced steel trap under the tracks and mechanical drive. Capacities up to 600 *tons per hour. Available in 24" thru 42" belt widths.










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