Dump Boxes

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The ABCO Dump box is a brand new product rolled out by the ABCO team. Its design was born from needs and input by professionals with years of “boots on the ground” experience in hauling and mining industries.


  1. LED lighting and harnesses for quick and easy replacement
  2. Less angles/ledges for salt/sediment to sit and less spray for that “end of the day” wash
  3. American made air latch cylinders and controls
  4. American made AR400 steel box
  5. Cylinders with faster cycle time, reduced weight, and reduced oil volume needs for more payload capacity
  6. Polyaspartic urethane finish! This is the tough paint used on bridges, rail cars, and other outdoors structural steel projects that demand durability and good looks under all types of atmospheric conditions.
  7. Available in HARDOX steel